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USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. DD850
at Battleship Cove, Fall River, Massachusetts.

Welcome to the USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. DD850
Kennedy is an example of a Gearing class destroyer, which were built during WW2 and became the workhorses of the Cold War destroyer navy. USS JPK JPK , as we call her, served with great distinction during the Korean War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and America's space program to name just a few. DD850 now proudly displays her colors as a museum ship to educate the public and serve as a memorial to those who sailed aboard destroyers. USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. is a National Historic Landmark and member of the Historic Naval Ships Association.

IMPORTANT VIDEO - Help Save our Historic US Navy Destroyers!

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Find and keep in touch with former "Shipmates" at

If you are interested in Naval history, were an ex-destroyerman, or just want to help in the preservation effort aboard USS J.P. Kennedy DD850, you can participate in our volunteer program. You can eat, sleep, tell sea tales, and work aboard this Navy destroyer just as if she was in service. Why not do your Community and Eagle Scout projects aboard JPK? Want to make it a family weekend? Bring the wife, kids, cousins, friends, etc as all are welcome. To get information about the Tin Can Sailor Field Days or other volunteer activities, please email our volunteer coordinator:
Bob Washburn

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