What is a field day?

A field day is a US Navy term for a working event. In our case, we started field days decades ago to notate working weekends aboard JPK DD850. For many, it is like a chance to go back in time while for others,it is a opportunity to connect with the service that a family member proudly served in. All types of volunteer labor are welcomed but electricians, welders, plumbers, carpenters, etc., are especially needed. You can also clean, paint, or do any of the other numerous tasks that always need to be done. Participants bunk, shower, eat, and live aboard ship for the duration of the field day just like in the US Navy.

When are the field days and other volunteer events?

Our major field day events aboard JPK are typically the third weekend in May and October. We do have local and small field day events monthly that all are welcome to attend. Please contact us for more information. We want you to join our crew! This year our field days are

14-18 May 2014
15-18 October 2014

How do I get there?

You can attend by plane, train, or automobile since no one has yet arrived in a 26' motor whaleboat! Please contact us if you plan to fly in as we may be able to arrange for pickup at the local airport in Providence, RI.

Who can attend field day events?

Our volunteer crew comes from all branches of the military service, US Navy Sea Cadets, civilians, spouses, and current active duty service personnel. Our group ranges from WW2 veterans and active duty US Navy sailors to the 10 year old granddaughter of a DD850 veteran. Everyone is welcome though we do have a minumum age requirement of 10 years old. Those with a interest in history can help preserve it firsthand!

What do I need to bring to report aboard?

Living aboard ship is a fun adventure and you will need your toiletry products, towels, work clothes, hat, flashlight, sleeping bag, pillow, any special tools you like to use, padlock, flip-flops, old but decent footwear,and clean clothes for evening liberty.

Costs and Registration

The cost to attend the DD850 field day in May or October of every year is currently $30. That covers your meals for the whole event! While that is a great deal in itself, surplus monies are used to purchase tools and items for the ship.

Any questions related to our field day events, please email the Friends of the JPK for more information.
See JPK Volunteers highlighted in this video for Tin Can Sailors.